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  1. P.S. I bought Nvivo starter a few weeks ago. Don't know if that matters!
  2. Hello, I've recently found out, after purchasing nvivo starter, that I may in fact need NVIVO pro so I can run matrix coding queries. A new 12-month student starter license for NVIVO 11 windows costs 55 euros A new 12-month student pro licence costs 85 euros Logically the upgrade should cost in the range of 30 euros. Instead, when I click upgrade, select education and student pricing and subsequently select upgrade from student license, the only option I get is to purchase a 24-month subscription for 180 euros! Huh?!? Can you please help me with this?
  3. Hi everyone, I have a very basic question that I somehow haven't managed to figure out after hours of scouring the internet. It's my first time coding a focus group with NVIVO. This means that there are multiple (15) participants in the same source document. When I code this document to different theme nodes and I subsequently open one of the theme nodes, the program doesn't show me who said what. Is there a way to tell NVIVO in the source document which fragments were spoken by which participants so that it subsequently shows up in the theme nodes (e.g. reference 1 - participant 5....quote, reference 2 - participant 14.....quote)? I've read about the possibility of making cases, so that when you open a case node, e.g. participant 5, you can see everything that participant 5 said - I get that. But I specifically need to be able to see WHICH participants said WHAT about a theme node, e.g. fishing in the sea. And I need to see all of the answers about this theme node together, so I can compare what people said about it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
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