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  1. Hi Heather, Thanks for the answer. Please, I don't know how to calculate manually because the parameters and the approach used are unknown. Is there any way to ensure or qualify the Pearson correlation number provided by NVIVO? For example, what is the N ? What the significance level for one-tailed test? Is there some online tool to get this values using the text files? Thanks.
  2. Hi Heather, I solved exactly using this approach. I made a coding query using a lot of filters and create a file using the result search. For me, it is important because the coverage based always on source file does not represent the correct measure for a specific node of a specific case. This workaround could be prevented if we could change the context of coverage percentage calculation or if the Nvivo assumes a new context for calculation always when filters are applied. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I know the Nvivo is about qualitative analysis. Nevertheless, when using the cluster analysis function, we need to explain the validity of those results. For example, how to show that Pearson coefficient of 0.46 is significant? The p-value logic could be applied here? If it is not possible to know all the parameters to calculate the Pearson coefficient, how to justify the use of Nvivo as a reliable tool? I really need some help with this. Thanks very much!
  4. How to translate the word cloud to another language? Once generated, can we change the words one by one in order to export the translation? Thanks.
  5. I realized the coverage (Reference tab) is always calculated using all the characters of the source file. The problem is: each source file is coded to different cases and nodes. I have this node hierarchy: 1 - Subject1 1.1 - DimensionA 1.2 - DimensionB I need the coverage of DimensionA calculated based ONLY on Subject1 for a SPECIFIC CASE, not all source file content. Please, help.
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