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  1. Anything? Any help would be much appreciated. I thought I should create each source (i.e. each interview audio file) as case (i.e. Create As>Create As Cases> Assign to classification) so that Source: John - Interview 1 is assigned to Case: John but the problem is about aggregation. If I aggregate it, it counts John twice in the cases. If I don't aggregate it I can't see what John's nodes based on the multiple interviews. Fingers crossed some of you NVIVO pros can help out
  2. Hello all. I wonder if you can help. I am trying to link sources to case classifications. Under case classifications I have a list of the interviewees with details about their gender and background. I have a number of sources - interviews (sometimes 2 files), notes, etc. The sources are coded but I wanted to run analysis seeing how noding changes depending on gender and background. To do that I'll need to link the sources to each case. How would I do that in such a way I could run an appropriate query? Thanks.
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