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    Timeout for matrix queries

    Update: I was able to do a work-around in one case by converting a two-dimension attribute to two nodes, and applying each of the codes to entire transcripts, as applicable. I used the same query structure, and simply replaced the two attribute values with the two codes. It processed within a matter of seconds. However, it makes no sense to have to treat attributes as nodes simply to cross-tabulate attribute data with other data. I'd still be interested to hear any recommendations for excessively slow matrix queries involving attributes.
  2. jacqmill

    Timeout for matrix queries

    I'm having a problem with matrix queries timing out, but it seems to be a different sort of problem. I can run matrix queries that have just a couple attributes on one axis and nodes on the other axis within a reasonable time. But any matrix that has 1) attributes on both axes (even if just a few), as well as any matrix that has 2) a lot of attributes on one axis and nodes on another, takes an exceedingly long time (over five minutes) or times out. I already compacted and repaired the database and there was no noticeable change. It seemed like queries ran faster yesterday than today, but on further investigation I think it has to do with the two specific query design characteristics listed above. I tried running queries on earlier, backed up versions of the project and it was the same. My project is only 25MB with less than 1,000 references. I could reset the timeout period, but this doesn't seem to be the underlying problem. Suggestions, please? We are trying to wrap up the final stages of analysis, so this is very bad timing. Thanks.
  3. When I run a text query, open a source in a separate tab, and then code to a node in that source, the query results window/tab vanishes. Then I have to rerun the query and find where I left off, which is time-consuming and unnecessary. This happens whether the source I'm coding is a PDF or a memo. At first, I couldn't figure out what action was resulting in the query results window vanishing, but eventually diagnosed that it only happens when I could to a node in a source opened in a separate tab. I found this forum topic which seems relevant, but it's for NVivo 9 and I can't replicate the suggested solution in NVivo 11. I also couldn't find any error log as recommended in this topic: Is there a solution to this problem? If not, I'd like to report it as something that needs fixing in future updates/versions. Thank you.