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  1. Thanks, but I tried that, and it only finds the percentage within the nodes themselves, not as a percentage of the workshop discussions. The results I get when I run that analysis is a total of 100% over the nodes selected - I am hoping to get the total of 100% over all the workshops. (I hope that makes sense)
  2. I am trying to analyse workshop transcripts, and have coded all of them in terms of topics. The way the transcript is written however, means that a certain topic will be discussed over a number of references. I want to find out the coverage of the particular node instead of the reference count - is there a simple way to do this given I have many workshop transcripts and opening each node and calculating from the coverage % within the results will be too cumbersome? The ideal scenario would be to see thecoverage percentage in the node overview view - is that possible?
  3. I have performed a text search with a wild card function, which has produced all instances of the words I needed. However it is bringing up the context of those words as well - I want to code/uncode those words only, without surrounding words. There are hundreds in my search results, so it is not desirable to do each of them individually, and if I do select all, it will code/uncode the surrounding words as well. How do I limit the results to those words only so that when I do a select all it only selects the specific words? Or is there another way to do this? Hope this all makes sense.
  4. Hello all, having trouble importing transcripts for a video. I have a table in Microsoft Word, and I have 5 columns - timestamp start, timestamp end, timespan, speaker and content columns. When I import it, Nvivo is able to identify the columns and I am able to match the fields correctly, however when I import it I get an error saying "start times are out of sequence". The start times are not out of sequence, so I am not sure what the problem actually is. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello all - thanks in advance for any assistance. I have hours of transcripts, each with multiple speakers. I have created cases for each speaker, I was wondering if there was a way to automatically link speakers in the transcription files to cases that already exist? (and subsequently what those speakers have said?).
  6. Hi all, I imported surveys from qualtrics and it seems I inadvertently imported closed ended questions as open ended. I am trying to re-import it but it is giving me an error message. Is there a way to re-categorise to close-ended questions? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for this Jonathon - would you be able to break this approach down for me, step by step?
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