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  1. BOTH OPTIONS WORKED!!!! I am so happy, thank you all for helping me out, and being so quick, and explaining it all in such clear language, with screenshots! @Stuart Robertson, when looking at the 'near' option, I'm just curious, what do the other options mean? 'Find for first search item' and 'finds for second search item' ? My problem was that I took for granted 'spread to entire file' meant 'look for those two codes anywhere in the document'. At this point I really am just curious Both options work, so even if I don't understand how, I'm happy!! Thanks again!!
  2. That would be fantastic Thank you so much for your quick replies and help!
  3. I am so grateful you are trying to help out, I tried the Framework Matrix, which was helpful as I get to see the actual reference, however, I still need to do a manual count of sources coded at both codes.
  4. Thanks for your answer! Yes, I've tried the coding comparison via the visualization option when left clicking on a code; it's fine with a small number or articles, but with over 300 that becomes more of a headache than anything! I've also looked at Matrix coding but that only spits out results when code A and B overlap-- in my query, they don't need to overlap, they just need to be both in the same file.
  5. I need to look for something simple, and yet I seem to be unable to do so...I need to find which files are coded at two different codes. My research is based on newspaper articles and ageism. I am looking, for example, to know how many files (and preferably which ones!) have the code 'vulnerable' and 'over 60 years old'. The two codes do not need to overlap, I just need to figure out which files have these two codes at the same time, anywhere in the text, basically: how many files are coded at A and B. My workaround so far has been to 'visualize' the code with the option to 'compare with' anot
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