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  1. Is there a way to apply same attributes to all ncapture documents in a specific folder? i got more than 7000 sources all in appropriate folders and i don't want to waste my time setting same attributes in the same folders ? i would highly appreciate if there is a way to do this and if someone could share the information ? P.S. i got 144 folders each containing 4 to 150 ncapture files in the source directory..
  2. Thanks alot for the reply. I noticed the need and created a new classification. That includes name of the newspaper, year, month and keywords. I also noticed that we can list view the attributes, copy one attribute value on the table and paste it to multiple attribute value boxes in order to fasten up the attribute assigning process. Currently i don't know if there is a faster way of doing this. is there? ? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello all ? I am trying to figure out how to design my research recently. I have already used the Ncapture plugin to collect data from newpapers web pages and imported them to Nvivo. I put each article in it's related folder in internals folder. I got 5 keywords that i used for searching on those web pages. Internals got 5 of those keywords. All keyword folders has 6 folders representing years of these articles. 2011,2012,..,2016. And each year has 12 folders representing months of each article. January, February,..December. I would like to use matrix query for optaining visual charts, examine them and write my comments in my thesis. Also, i would like to track the changes of some topics yearly and monthly and try to explain and write about them. Now i got more than 7500 articles in internals in their mentioned folders. Nothing coded yet, no nodes yet. I have read so many things and watched so many help videos so far but i am not sure how to design my data in order to make my future work easy. Forexample should i create source nodes and apply attributes or create cases and attributes? Or my internals folders structure is able to answer my research needs? So flexible and so cool, Nvivo is initially complex eh?