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  1. Hi! I have coded several documents in nvivo for Mac. To ensure the reliability of results, a second coder has done the same. Now, I need to run a matrix coding query with cases as rows and nodes as columns in order to be able to export it to SPSS. However, I am not sure whose coding is displayed now when running the query. Is there a way to run queries per user separately? Thank you!
  2. Dear all, I imported a spreadsheet to nvivo and used auto coding for creating cases for each respondent. Oddly, when I let nvivo list the cases it does not start with 1 but with random numbers (207, 1, 10, 100, 101, 102, .., 109, 11, 110, ...). Is there any way to rearrange the order of cases? Since I want to export query results to SPSS and merge them with an existing dataset, it is necessary to have them in the exact same order. Any thoughts on that? Or do I need to create cases in a different way? Thanks in advance for your help