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  1. Hello good morning, I am a researcher at the University and I am currently checking the possibilities of the Nvivo software. I am currently conducting a study and I have doubts about how to carry it out, I expose the situation. I have extracted data from a Facebook account by Ncapture with 3 data columns, one with the publications of the brand, another with the likes of the publications and another with the response of the users to these publications. The first step of my study is to categorize only the publications of the brand, this is not a problem, through the frequency of words I have managed to obtain different categories or nodes. In this way, I obtain categories or nodes with the messages that are associated to each category or node. The problem comes now, first I want to check how many likes have the messages of each category or node, that is, obtain a database only with the messages of the nodes next to the column likes. I have not managed to do it and I do not know how I can do it, not even working with Excel. And second, the same thing but with the answers of the users, to obtain a database with the answers to the messages of each category or node, this I have not been able to do either. I would like to know if there is any way to do this through the Nvivo software, even if it can be supported at some point in Excel. It is an important study for me and I would like to know if it is possible to do it with Nvivo. Thank you very much for the attention, a cordial greeting.
  2. Hello good morning, I have a question about collecting data on Twitter. When I compile the last publications made about a certain keyword there is no problem and Ncapture captures you the publications as a database. The problem is when I give advanced search on Twitter and try to find messages on certain dates, for example, from January 1 to January 31, 2018. Here Ncapture does not extract any publication as a database, I do not understand it, because that the messages appear in the same way as if they did the last searches. I have tried to search for publications in a specific geographic area and this one works for me, but between two dates, and I think that capturing messages between specific dates is very useful for researchers. Therefore, I wanted to ask if it is possible to capture publications as a database on Twitter between two specific dates without resorting to saving it as .pdf. Thank you very much for your attention.