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  1. I am using Nvivo as an organization tool for a work of nonfiction, tangentially in the social sciences, but the reason I like Nvivo is that it lets me keep track of hundreds of different sources that I can later quote from and organize in several different ways. I am finding that I would like to write my rough draft while the iron is hot, in Nvivo, and be able to organize my draft along with my sources. I know I can use memos and annotations, but I am finding those features a bit thin in their word processing abilities. Also, I would like to be able to visualize where my memo or annotation sits within the larger picture, which I do not really have a sense of in the current user interface. Has this been under discussion before? How are people working to integrate their draft out of their Nvivo work? Keep in mind that I am a hopelessly disorganized person and the whole point of using Nvivo is because it is idiot-proof for my particular challenges. Suggestions appreciated.