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  1. NVivo 12: I have 280 cases (survey respondents) organised under three cases (case studies). I imported survey results from Excel and created the cases and automatically assigned attributes using the wizard some time ago. I've since found that NVivo can't handle my continuous data for some attributes and have created a new excel spreadsheet which has those data binned into groups that I can use more easily in my analyses. The spreadsheet has a column of the same identifying numbers as was used on the first sheet and the existing cases. I want to import the sheet and automatically assign the new set of attributes but to the classification (person) and cases. If I use the wizard it wants to set all 280 up as new cases and I would have to manually assign each row of data to the existing cases and then delete the new ones. Is there a way to do this automatically through the import process or after rather than manually?
  2. Hi Heather, thanks for responding. There are are two case nodes where there is a duplicate, though that wasn't how I wanted it to be. I will remove the cases on those two and reassign the survey first and then the interviews and see if that combines them. All my 280 cases have lots of coding on them. I'll have a look at that link, thanks.
  3. Can anyone help with some issues I'm having around cases? 1) I'm using mixed methods and have interview transcripts (assigned to a case per participant) and a survey (each row automatically assigned a case on uploading and attributes added to the cases from my quant responses). Respondents that have interviewed were manually assigned to the same case as their interview transcripts. The two sources are counted on the case list. But, the attributes that were automatially assigned via the survey data, have not gone over to the interview case.How can I do this? 2) I want to do quite a bit of work on cases in my survey data - e.g. how many cases referred to X node. It gives source as 1 of course and references are counted but that's unreliable if a participant (case) has been coded for a node more than once in different questions. Why can't case be simply added in the node window alongside source and references to be tallied? I'll want to do matrices too that count participants (cases) against atttributes and nodes. I ran a query against cases adn a selection of nodes and every box said 0 and even if it hadn't it would make no sense to then ahve to manually add up the columns. This need to work with cases seems obvious so I must be missing something in the nVivo functionality.
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