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  1. Hi there, My colleague is working on a joint project with users who have NVivo 11 Pro. She currently has NVivo 11 Starter. She would like to upgrade but your webpage does not appear to sell this upgrade (it shows that the page is not found when we clicked on purchasing older version software). Can you please help? I don’t think she can upgrade to NVivo 12 because we are working with NVivo server that is being used by NVivo 11 Pro users and we all need to be using the same software edition for the collaboration to function.
  2. Hi, Our team is working on the NVivo Server project. Today I got a notification that I cannot access the server (and hence the project) because there are no available licenses. This hasn't happened before and I was wondering if this happened to anyone else when working with NVivo server projects and what should we do in order to resolve this.
  3. I need some help with NVivo. I am trying to find a way to export the sources that I have on my project with nodes (coding) included in the exported file. I need this for developing a website that will allow users to select sources and see which sections are coded at which node. Does anyone know how to do this?
  4. Hi there, I deactivated my license on my old device (following the correct steps listed on the QSR website), but when I wanted to activate my license key on my new device I got a message saying that the license key is already in use. I am not sure what to do now. Currently I have to work on my project using the trial version of NVivo because there is a problem with my license activation. Can someone help me please? Best, L