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  1. Hello there! My problem: I'm a PhD student, about 1/4th of the way into analyzing my research and nVivo is slowing down dramatically each time I attempt to code at a new, or existing node. Each time I try to code a new node, I get the Mac-spinning-color-wheel for 1-2 minutes. Thus, as I'm coding one to two nodes per sentence in hour long audio interviews, I'm spending an exorbitant amount of time staring at the screen while nVivo bogs down. My computer: I'm running a Macbook Air, High Sierra, 1.7Ghz i7 processor, and 8 GB of ramm. According to the system requirements stated for nVivo 11, this should be enough. But each time I code a new or existing node, when watching the Activity Monitor, my CPU usage spikes to 100% and nVivo goes non-responsive. My projects: I've got two separate projects going because I'm interviewing 2 different participant groups. Each group will ultimately be comprised of 16, one hour long interviews. Right now, for the First Group, I've uploaded, transcribed, initially coded, and theoretically coded 8, one hour interviews. Just now that one has started to bog down on me... The First Group Project is 55.1 MB, and all audio files are saved externally. With the Second Group, I've only uploaded, transcribed, and initially coded 4, one hour interviews and it has bogged down considerably. To the point where moving forward is virtually impossible. The Second Group Project is 39.7 MB, with audio files saved externally. The first group is entirely English text, while the second group is in Chinese - so I'm not sure if this is a factor. However, either way I feel like nVivo should be able to handle these projects no problem... What I've Tried: Compacting my projects, turning coding stripes & highlights off, restarting my computer, closing all other applications, downloading and trying my projects on a trial version of nVivo 12 - and nothing has helped. Basically, coding goes well for a several minutes until each time I attempt to code at a new or existing node the wait time becomes longer. Until I save, close the program, and restart nVivo. Then I get a few minutes of relatively quick coding - though still slow - and then have to restart again as the wait time becomes progressively longer. What I've Uploaded: Screenshot of my First Project with 8 interviews coded so you can see the number of nodes/codes I'm working with. I'd be happy to buy a new (faster) computer or pay to upgrade to nVivo 12 if it would help, but again my computer should be fast enough in theory and the trial version doesn't seem to help. So I'm reluctant to drop the cash if those things won't help. One tech support email suggested I reduce my number of nodes to speed up the program. But, it seems like the entire purpose of this program is to help researchers handle vast amounts of data - if 1/2 half of the way into one of my projects, and 1/4th into the other, I've already hit nVivo's ceiling I don't see how anyone uses this to do a dissertation. But people do all the time - so something must be wrong with what I'm doing, or my set up? I don't know. Any possible help you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated as my research with nVivo has ground to a halt.
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