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  1. Hello, I am doing a literature analysis using NVivo. I would like to see an overview of nodes for each specific source (pdf). My question is: Where can I retrieve all codes that were selected for a pdf-paper? I would need this overview accessible for each paper. Also, is it possible to run a query which activates one node and tells me all the other nodes that were applicable / were activated for source files in this specific node category? For example: I want to be able to select node A, which shows me the papers X, Y, Z and I want to know that for all papers within the node A t
  2. Hello, I am doing a literature analysis using Zotero and NVivo, exporting and importing data into my NVivo project on a regular basis (with the settings as shown in the attached screenshot). A few articles (which aren't duplicated in Zotero), are always reimported as new versions with a (2) after the name. I then need to manually delete these duplicates each time. Could you explain what might be the reason for these extra duplicates which only affect the same few articles in each import and how I can avoid this? Many thanks, Anila
  3. Hi Bhupesh, Many thanks for your answer to all of my three questions! I also have an additional one - unrelated to this thread, I hope you don't mind: - Using NVivo for a structured literature analysis, I want to see an overview of all codes that I already coded for a complete pdf source file. I always code the whole pdf, not just sections of the pdf. Every time I am coding it (at existing nodes) all the codes which I previously ticked are unticked again (but it is already correctly implemented in the system). I basically want to know how I can see all codes that were ticked for a so
  4. Hello, I have read somewhere that Mac and Windows users shouldn't be working on the same project. Unfortunately, this is the case for my project. I will at least need to ensure that a Mac user has visibility of the codes, even if not coding themselves. Could you please link me to how I can share a project that was set up in Windows with a Mac user and what the implications are? Could you also let me know if there is a risk that data might be corrupted? Even if access is possible with certain limitations, that is fine. It would just be good to know what these limitations are. Many tha
  5. Hello, It would be great if you could give me some best practice advice on how to best backup literature analysis data coded in NVivo. I would also be happy to pull out manual spreadsheets if this means I will be able I won't lose the information I already developed. I would like to backup the following: - References, codes and annotations for each pdf. - Node structure and nodes and all pdfs that fall into each of these node categories Many thanks, A
  6. Hello, I am currently using NVivo to conduct a structured literature analysis based on bibliographic and pdf data that I imported from Zotero. It is all going very well so far and I am in the process of coding each pdf to allow a structured review. However, I was trying to reimport pdfs and basically replace a reference's attachment (in one instance I wanted to reload a converted pdf from PowerPoint and in another instance, I wanted to rotate the pdf file) - and it doesn't work. Every time when I reimport it a completely new, unreferenced item is uploaded and the old item (which I want to
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