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    nVivo running very slow during initial coding of nodes

    I just upgraded to 12 for Mac, and I am having the same problem. Can someone make the advice for this problem public? This is putting a serious drag on my coding. MK
  2. Mdkimball

    Error message: Invalid column list

    I just got word from a support consultant at Nvivo that this could be caused by column titles that are more than 254 characters. I had imported the spreadsheet with the full survey questions at the top, so this could very well be the issue. I thought I'd share in case anyone else receives this same error message. Shelley
  3. I'm confounded! I keep trying to import an excel spreadsheet into Nvivo for Mac 11, and the error message I am receiving is "Data import error: invalid column list." I have ensured that the first row is column names, and I've cleaned out any extraneous rows. The only clue to a problem I am seeing is that it won't let me change the attributes on some columns (text/codable text). It is greyed-out, and it can't be adjusted at all. Those particular columns don't have any attributes setting them apart from the columns that can be adjusted. Fwiw, I am using OS X Yosemite, v 10.10.5. Any thoughts on what might be happening? I am at a complete standstill, and I need to get this data coded. Shelley