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  1. I am working with Nvivo 12 plus for Windows and I experience problem in importing content in French from .txt files. I started a new (blank) project, set the project language to 'French' before starting to import the data but somehow Nvivo doesn't import the French content properly. Pretty much any French 'special' character is turned into some weird signs. For example: "è" becomes "Ä©" "é" becomes " è " I have attached a word file with a table containing a summary of the most frequent French special characters and their imported version. It also contains an entire .txt file content in both its original and imported version to show you how the content looks like before and after import. Has anyone experienced similar issues and is there a setting I haven't changed properly so that it allows for the import of French data? I am grateful for any cue on how to solve this. Looking forward to your comments! Import problems French content Nvivo.docx