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  1. Have a look at Framework matrices and their auto summary functionality
  2. Hi Charlie, I'd like that feature too. Matrices are so useful to see your text side by side for qual analysis. I find only limited use from the node counts in matrices. Someone has raised this on canny already here: https://nvivo.canny.io/features/p/export-data and here: https://nvivo.canny.io/features/p/export-content-of-nodes-to-excel Feel free to upvote it = )
  3. I'd like a thread for help for Nvivo 12 (or include it with the Nvivo 11 thread) on this forum.
  4. Firstly, this is for Nvivo 12. I've just upgraded, unsure if it's the same for Nvivo 11. When I code to a node I'm getting pop-ups telling me: "Coded at: xxxx node". I find them distracting, is there a way to turn these off? I can't figure it out
  5. Just a follow-up on this, one significant improvement in Nvivo 12 on this line, is the opportunity to auto code via speakers name in an interview transcription. You enter each person's name as they appear in the document and Nvivo captures the text from each 'speaker'.
  6. I've used Autohotkeys as a workaround for some shortcuts (mainly to "code to recent node"). Autohotkey is a great program but if may be daunting for people who are not tech savvy. If others are using Autohotkey I'd be interested in sharing scripts. Nvivo is a very mouse intensive program, which slows down functionality and also not good for those with RSI.
  7. Is it possible to set up keyboard shortcuts in Nvivo 11? The list of predefined ones is fairly limited, they are shown here: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/keyboard_shortcuts.htm
  8. Hello, I'm a new Nvivo user. I have imported a number of interviews. My cases are established, I have 1 case for each person interviewed. Interviews are mostly semi structured. My interview document structure is generally something like this: Mr B (Interviewer): Why did you return to....? Mr C (Participant): Because....... Mr B (interviewer): What's that been like...? etc I'd like to code just the participant responses, not the questions. Ideally I'd like to auto code this rather than go through and select each paragraph manually and then code them. However, the documents are not style formatted, although they're organised in paragraphs and there's a clear heading before the text of interest (eg. Mr C (participant): indicates any text that follows belongs to that case). My questions are: 1. Can I auto code this? If so, how? 2. If not, what about using range codes? With range codes, how do I show paragraph or line numbers? Thanks for any advice.