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  1. @QSRSupport Hi, are you able to provide any information as to how long this could take or how I can find that out? This project is on a tight schedule and I'd really like to know if it's worth waiting, otherwise I'll continue sampling in the meantime to make up for the loses.
  2. Hi, thanks for the swift reply. I tried moving them elsewhere but it had no effect, so I've submitted a support request as directed.
  3. When importing PDFs created in NCapture I get what seems to be a random error message saying certain files are invalid. I can't see anything wrong with the file names and they were saved without any trouble. They do often seem to be files which have similar names and are taken from consecutive pages on a forum. Such as "P1 Director Takes the Cake" and then "P2 Director Takes the Cake" won't download even though P1 was imported without issue.