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  1. Related: Below, my suggestions are denoted with list bullets within my workflow narrative. When coding audio, I use command+option+shift+{ and command+option+shift+} to select audio segments for coding. I then use control+click to reveal the short-cut menu, from which I choose Code Selection and At Existing Nodes or Cases. With a large number of nodes, I then have to click Search please make this activated by default so users can begin typing a remembered keyword to filter the long list of nodes Then I can type in a few characters of a keyword. Sometimes I can't remem
  2. Hi In order to further interpret data, I often (ie a few times a day) need to listen to an audio segment that has been coded to a node. When I open a node, two things are provided: (1) hyperlinks to the source audio files and (2) for each source, a list of time stamped audio segments are provided as flat text. Current workflow: remember the start timestamp, click the link to the source audio file, find the right spot in the file (this is aided by the highlighted stripe), listen to the audio. More efficient workflow: see (2) above and make each start timestamp a link to the
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