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  1. +1 , make highlighting in different colors for selected nodes a reality !
  2. +1 9 years on - it would still be nice to be able to have more options in terms of highlighting-color , e.g. select speakers/cases and assign color to each would be nice in terms of reading some materials.
  3. When exporting my Nvivo 12plus project to the QDAS exchange format and opening it in Atlas.ti I noticed that although my case nodes (i.e. participants) were present in the converted Atlas.ti project as codes, while the attribute values of those cases got lost. Could anyone at Nvivo tell me how Nvivo handles case classification attributes as, ideally I would like this information to still be present in my project after conversion to QDAS-exchange format and re-conversion to an Atlas.ti project bundle. Mainly I wonder if a) the information is lost because Nvivo doesn't include it in the exchange format or if b) atlas.ti ignores the case attributes or their values as they do not have a similar thing in their program. Moreover, as a possible suggestion I wonder if , in the near future, it wouldn't be possible to export-convert these case attributes and their values as nodes by naming them as [name of classification] + [name of case] + [name of atribute and value for this case] . Another option would be to export these to the exchange format that Atlas could 'read' as codegroups, so then you would export a case , in Atlas it will become a code, but it will be assigned to certain codegroups corresponding to the attribute values from the Nvivo classification. It would be very much appreciated if someone at Nvivo could inform me on this issue or provide more info on what is currently included when exporting to the QDAS exchange format and if there are any plan regarding updates to have a more complete full project export option. Many thanks !
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