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  1. Hello, I use Nvivo 12 Pro I am trying to link each case from my classification sheet (uploaded in Excel) to the each short-answer in my data set. Both the case and the answer are well identified with an Id number. The way i've done this in the past is right clicking on each answer and code it to the respective case. It has worked in the past, when I had a limited number of cases/responses. For my current project, I have 2400 cases/responses. Doing this manually will take me an scandalous amount of time, not to mention the potential human error of erroneous coding. Does Nvivo have a way to speed up this process? A way to do this automatically? I will appreciate the help
  2. This is very helpful. Thank you. Just to make sure I understand correctly: I need to create a new node called, say "responses" and code each and every response to this code, right? Then, when I run the matrix coding, the node "responses" will generate each of the rows. Correct?
  3. I am working on an extensive content analysis project. We collected short-typed answers from thousands of survey participants. Data is being coded right now and we want to be conduct some advanced statistical analysis afterwards. We have a total of 36 nodes. To do so, I would like to create and export a report in Excel format. I want the report to have all the observations (participants' answers) organized in rows and the each of the 36 nodes as separate columns. Each cell of the grid would have a NO/YES, or a 0/1, or some other simple way to show whether a particular node was identified in a particular answer. I am attaching a simple example of what I need in the report. What is the right kind of report to do this? I have tried several, but I cannot get to what I want. I am sure it must be easy, but I cannot seem to get this done. I will appreciate some suggestions, CGEV Example for NVivo Forum.xlsx
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