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  1. I am working on an extensive content analysis project. We collected short-typed answers from thousands of survey participants. Data is being coded right now and we want to be conduct some advanced statistical analysis afterwards. We have a total of 36 nodes. To do so, I would like to create and export a report in Excel format. I want the report to have all the observations (participants' answers) organized in rows and the each of the 36 nodes as separate columns. Each cell of the grid would have a NO/YES, or a 0/1, or some other simple way to show whether a particular node was identified in a particular answer. I am attaching a simple example of what I need in the report. What is the right kind of report to do this? I have tried several, but I cannot get to what I want. I am sure it must be easy, but I cannot seem to get this done. I will appreciate some suggestions, CGEV Example for NVivo Forum.xlsx