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  1. Thanks for your response. As I mentioned in my original post, I've already tried linking a memo containing the summary to the source file. However, this method does not allow me to go directly to the memo from the references/extracts in the node view. If I find an interesting reference under a certain node, and wanted to know the context beyond that I can get from reading the surrounding paragraphs, I would first need to scroll up to find out from which source file the reference is extracted from, then go to 'Files' or 'Memos' from the Folders, then open the memo. It takes way too many steps, and is not very convienient. Similarly, adding a description for the source file in the 'document properties' would not allow me to access it directly from the node view. From the references/extracts in the node view, I can only access 'node properties'. Again, I would have to first find out from which source file it is from, go to the Folders, find the source file, and access its document properties...
  2. Hi, What is the best way of storing the summary of a source file? I have tried saving the summary of an interview transcript as a memo, and linked it to the source file. However, the summary stored this way is not easily accessible from the Node view. You have to first open the referenced file, then go to the linked memo. I've also tried linking the entire text in the source file to the memo containing the summary. I can open the memo directly if I'm in the data/files view (i.e. from the source file) by doing right click>links>open linked memo. However this cannot be done when right clicking the same passage/reference in the Node view. What is the best way to store the summary that can easily be viewed directly from the Node view? I want to be able to quickly access the summary when I'm reading the references in the Node view to understand the broader context of the data. Thank you in advance.