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  1. Add this to the growing list of basic features on the Windows version that do not exist on the stripped-down Mac version...it's been what, seven years since you introduced the Mac version? Are there any plans to bring the two versions to parity? This reminds me of being a Mac user in the late 1990s. The two formats are incompatible, missing features, and it's basically the forsaken stepchild of the Windows product. I guess this should be a warning not to buy the Mac version and instead run the Windows version in a virtual machine.
  2. I am trying to see how coding differs between multiple coders, but it doesn't seem like NVivo for Mac supports that feature. Both coders started with the same "raw" file (text transcript and codes). These separate files were imported into a 3rd combined file. I know that the separate users' coding is present since I can run a kappa statistic, but that's not what I am interested in. I want to see where and how the coding aligns, side-by-side. Looking at "coding stripes," it just presents me with what segments of the text transcript are coded, which is not helpful because I am not inte
  3. I was previously using Nvivo 12 for Mac with no performance issues, but my copy expired and I had to "upgrade" to this newer version. It really is destroying my speed. Every single time I create a code, assign a code to a snippet of text, edit a code, or do almost anything, I'm getting the beach ball icon for between 5-10 seconds. It makes it almost impossible for me to code on the fly since I'm waiting so long between clicks. Really laggy. Any suggestions? The project I'm working in has ~300 codes, but only 20 or so MSWord documents imported into it. I'm not coding graphics or anything c
  4. I have this same problem. When I go to add to an existing code, the code search does not go through any of the sub-folders if a top-level folder is selected. It only searches whatever directory is selected. The only workaround I could find was to dump everything into a single folder, which completely defeats the point of having folders. This seems to be a "feature" rather than a bug.
  5. I use Zotero as my ref manager. I am trying to import a series of PDFs into NVivo for OS X to use for a literature review. No matter what format I use to export my selection of articles from Zotero, I cannot import them into NVivo. Half of the time I can't get the software to accept the bibliographic index file. When it does accept the format and the "import assistant" comes up, I get the error: "Import Error: Unable to parse bibliographic data file." Can't start my work without getting these articles into NVivo. Any ideas? Using version 12.5.0 which is the latest.
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