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  1. Hello, Is there a way to export annotations from a given file or a number of files? When trying to produce a report, I get this message "at most 200 items may be selected". Any idea why? Thank you, Amir
  2. Hello, Does NVivo give IDs to references? For example, I want to report (in Word) a particular quote that exists as a reference in NVivo, and I want to put an ID in my report that will help me trace this particular reference in the NVivo project. Is there an easy way to do this? Or do I have to keep track of the document to which this quote belongs and the page number in which it is located? Thanks, Amir
  3. Hello, Is there a way to export a report of nodes and their references, where the order of the nodes is according to the hierarchies in which they were ordered? Thanks, Amir
  4. Hi, I know that in Windows there is a way to activate different users whose coding will show up in the coding stripes. However, this doesn't seem to be available on the MAC. Are there any alternative ways of exploring this? I've conducted a Coding Comparison Query, but I need to explore the specific inter-rater disagreements for specific codes and wanted to review the file using the coding stripes (with the two users activated). Best, Amir
  5. Hi, I have existing pdf files that I've coded in NVIVO. I have managed to import their associated references from my Reference Manager (Mendeley). In the Windows version of NVIVO, I can easily link those references to the existing pdfs in NVIVO, but for some reason this doesn't work on MAC. Is it possible on the MAC? Thank you, Amir
  6. Hi, I haven't been able to find information regarding the operators that are available in the Matrix Coding Query: 1. AND: Does this operator mean any degree of overlap between references? (if so, how much? down to the character level?) Or does it look only for complete overlap between references? (i.e., identical references coded by the different nodes in the query). 2. OR: Does this operator mean references of all nodes in the query? Or does it means something else? 3. NOT: Does this operator mean Node A (row) fnot coded by Node B (column)? (in the sense of no overlap at all or no identical overlap?) 4. NEAR: How near is near? 5. Surrounding: what does this mean exactly? What is the exact measure here? Right before and right after a particular selection? A character before and a character after (with no overlap)? Does it have to be before and after? How far can it go before and after? If surrounding can mean references farther than a character away from other references, how far? 6. Preceding: Again, what does this mean exactly? Furthermore, in the Coding Query, what do the following options mean? "All Selected Codes or Cases" (does this mean AND?), "Any Selected Code or Case" (does this mean OR?) Thank you, Amir