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  1. Hello, I know that in ATLAS.ti 9 there's a way to import VTT files (automatic transcriptions) generated by applications like Zoom and then sync them with the corresponding audio/video files. Is this the case with NVivo as well? Thanks, Amir
  2. Thank you so much for the info! I know that NVivo for Windows does allow to merge annotations. That hasn't changed, right? Best - Amir
  3. Thank you! This helps, though I still get the context in gray. Any way to save just the words? Best wishes, Amir
  4. Hello, In order to test the workflow for a future collaboration with colleagues, I opened a new project, added an interview transcript, copied the project, open the copy and added a few annotations to the interview transcript. To my surprise, when I imported the copy-project into the original project, the annotations weren't imported. Why is that? I tested codes as well and the codes were imported but not the annotations... Is this a MAC issue or am I missing something? Thanks, Amir
  5. Hello, If I run a Text Search query, let's say for the word "water", and I want to code automatically all of the instances of the word "water" that were found in the search into a new code called "water", is there a way to do that? I tried Ctrl+A and then Quick Code the selection into a new code called "water", BUT the code contained other words that appeared as gray context around the word "water" from the search. Is there a way to just automatically code only the term that was searched for and not to include the context surrounding it? Thanks, Amir
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