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  1. Thank you Bhupesh, I created a new case for all speeches of the speaker, but the original text has done coding. Is it possible to see the text encoded in the original transcript in this speaker's case? I need this, this view mode. Regards Rafael
  2. Hi, I am a new user of NVivo for Mac and recently used the software to transcribe the audio files of my two focus group. Each row in the audio transcription represents a different speaker (written in the speaker column). I am coding the focal group transcripts, and I need view the speaker in the text encode. I thougth there speaker column existed just for this, but I couldn't do this using the case classification. Is there another way? Thanks for any help. Regards, Rafael
  3. I read your post in a coding interval. And I response in another. Rafael
  4. Hi, I appear to be having the same (or a very similar) problem too - I do use NVivo 12 too - , could you share the advice with me? I'd like some help Best regards, Rafael