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  1. For anyone who is browsing the forums, this is the information that QSR support gave me. Please note that it did NOT work for me. I was not able to open the html file with NVivo. However, posting here in the event that it works for you. 1. Download and save the attached file to your computer 2. Open NVivo, click on Open Other Project, then browse and select the dummy file saved in step 1. 3. You will be presented with an option to recover from a project recovery file. Select your .nvb file from the list to recover the project. If your project does not appear in the list, you ca
  2. This has happened to me several times in NVivo 12 over the past few months (I work on my local desktop and regularly save my file, but it fails to save - I can see the recovery nvb file, but when I try to open it I get a message that the file format is invalid) and the QSR support has never successfully helped me. The last time this happened, they sent me the attached file. I was not able to open this file in NVivo as it's an html, and NVivo won't allow me to select an html file to open. However, I'm attaching it here in case anyone else finds it useful. The steps they instructed me to take ar
  3. I'm currently working on a group coding exercise in which we are 3 reviewers who are simultaneously working in independent copies of the project and then merging when appropriate. However, I'm about to do a new merge and I want to make sure that I'm doing it right. Basically, I am the lead coder. Once I've finished coding my files, a secondary reviewer adds to my codes and may modify or delete my codes where appropriate. Say we have two sets of files: Set A and Set B. I have coded sets A and B. The secondary reviewer has just finished reviewing my codes on set A and is ready to move to se
  4. Hi all, As seems to be a very common issue with NVivo, my NVivo 12 crashed while I was working on it (I was working on my local desktop, not a network; saving regularly; my computer did not lose internet connection - so I was following all the "rules of safe NVivo engagement"). I've tried to reopen my file, but get an error message; on my third try opening the file it successfully opened, but wouldn't load any of my files. I can see that the nvb backup file is in my documents folder, with a timestamp of a couple hours ago - but I can't figure out how to use it to recover my actual N
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