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  1. Hi Akshay, Thank you for providing this information. I am able to export my entire matrix to Excel, but, if I filter the matrix by a value in a particular column, for example, it won't let me save or export the filtered results. Do you know if this is possible? Thank you! Rebecca
  2. After creating a matrix coding query with cases down the rows and coding categories across the columns, NVivo allows you to filter the matrix by row or column values, which is very helpful. However, it does not let you save these filtered results with your query or export them to Excel, from what I can tell. Is there any way to export the matrix to Excel with the column/row filtering preserved? Thank you!
  3. In my office, we regularly code the responses to open-ended survey questions using NVivo. One issue we not have been able to resolve is the best way to deal with non-responses to open-ended survey questions when importing survey data into NVivo. Ideally, when viewing the node for each open-ended question in list view in NVivo, we would like the count of references to display the correct number of valid responses to each survey question (i.e. we would like the reference count to exclude non-responses). Even if we import all non-responses as blank cells (and replace all --99 missing values from Qualtrics with blanks), the reference count for each question node in NVivo references the total number of rows in the spreadsheet for each question (including blank cells), rather than the number of valid responses. We have found a workaround to filter out the non-response data from each question node using a separate classification sheet which indicates whether each respondent answered each question. However, this process has been very time intensive. If anyone has a solution to this issue, your advice would be very much appreciated!