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  1. Hi, I'm running a university copy of NVivo 12 on my Mac. I just upgraded to Mojave with no problems (so far!). The mac has 2.4ghz intel core i5 processor, 8GB ram and 160GB of 250GB free hard disk space. The problem I am having is everytime I make a change to a document and save it the wheel of death comes up and it takes about 30 secs to save, even if I just type some new text and hit save. Its ruining the workflow as I have to stop and watch the wheel of death every odd minute. Apart from that it seems to be operating well. I have two theories that might be the cause 01) a lot of the internal documents I've created contain large screenshots which might be too heavy on the processor. or 02) the linked files are coming from a mixture of locations, on the local harddrive and on an external hd. Do you think it might be either of these? Helen
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