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  1. Hello Bhupesh, Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but your method does not seem to work. Here is what I do: I go to Share-->Export Project In the "Export Project Data" Box, I click "Select" to select project items. In the "Select Project Items" box I put check boxes for the file i want (the journal article) AND I put a check in the nodes box to select nodes (I have tried it by selecting both individual nodes and also by just selecting all nodes). I then select OK to make my selections. I then give the export a name and a destination location and click OK to complete the export process. I then go into my other NVIVO project. I go to import --> project. In the "Import Project" box I select the file I just exported. I then click OK to complete the import. What I get is a file with no coding in it and some nodes created but they are empty with with 0 codes/references in them. Can you help? Thank you! I
  2. Hello all! I have two NVIVO Projects. I have a document I have coded in one project, and I would like to copy it, along with all its coding into another NVIVO Project. How do I do this? Additional context if needed: I do my literature reviews in NVIVO and code the journal articles for my literature review as I read them. I have multiple NVIVO projects One NVIVO project for each different body of literature I work with, (For example, one NVIVO project for all articles related to Institutional Theory, another project for all papers related to Identity theory, another for all articles related to Feminist Theory). One NVIVO project for methodological papers/theory, One Project for each of my actual research projects (with the actual interviews/journals/artifacts from my fieldwork). I have some journal articles that span across multiple literature. For these, I have coded the papers within my Institutional Theory NVIVO project, but now I would like to also include in my Identity Theory NVIVO Project. When I copy (or export/import or whatever) the journal article into the new project, I want the article plus all the coding and nodes for it to transfer. I've tried to export the NVIVO project from one project and import it into the other. However, no matter how I try to do this, I only seem to be able to get NVIVO to transfer over either 1) ONLY the journal article without any related code information or associated nodes, or 2)ALL the journal articles and ALL the codes and nodes from the original project. I just want to copy 1 journal article from one NVIVO project to another, and retain my coding and any new nodes that were created. Any ideas? Thank you!