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  1. My data is in tabular form. I have imported it, identified case fields (e.g. 'ServiceExperience') and attributes (e.g. 'HHIDcode' and 'ServiceType'), and experimented with coding sections of text with different nodes (e.g. 'Health & service experiences'). How can I produce output which shows all text sections (from the table files) coded with a particular node (as in the 'Reference' tab of a query), while showing each relevant section of text together with its case, all/selected attributes, and ideally also the field name/column heading? These details might ideally be shown in the place where it says e.g. "Reference 1 - 0.02% Coverage". For example, I would like to be able to pull together all text chunks coded with 'Health & service experiences', and for each of these also show their values from the case classification ('Service experience'), attributes ('HHIDcode' and 'ServiceType'), and column heading in the table(s) in which the text data is stored (e.g. 'AccessibilityOfServices'). As I have a large dataset, this would be a huge help in contextualising the output. So far I can see how to filter by code, classification or attribute, but not how to filter only by code while showing (unfiltered) classifications and attributes. I had wondered if the 'Coding context' options or 'Dataset' view would help, but I can't get either of these to do what I want here. Many thanks!