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    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I'm afraid this gives me more questions than answers and that counting them all manually seems less time-consuming... I Can't even get past the first instruction of autocoding since the autocode option is greyed out.  Only if a mark a specific source I can use this function, but surely you can't mean I have to do this for every one of the 32 used comment sections just to get on to step two in your instruction? This seemed very tedious and complicated.

    I was just hoping for some simple function in the program where I can just check how many users I have coded from, like a word count for a word document or such.  Also, if i autocoude the source doesn't that mean that they all get coded (thus not possible to discern the ones i have coded from?)

    Kind regards

  2. Hi

    I'm doing a project where I have used the comments sections of 32 YouTube videos in my data. I would like to find out, without the tedious process of counting manually, how many of the commenters I have includes in my coding. (this is not all but maybe half of the present commenters) 

    Is there any way to easily find out how many individual user ID´s that i have included in my coding?

    Thankful for any help.


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