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  1. Two free courses on Research Writing Using Citavi @Udemy: Research writing using Citavi -- Part 1 Research writing using Citavi -- Part 2
  2. Just noticed that the YouTube playlist has turned private.. No worries, though. You can access the same content by signing up for the following two Citavi courses on Udemy, both free of charge: https://www.udemy.com/course/research-writing-using-citavi-beginner/ https://www.udemy.com/course/research-writing-using-citavi-part-2/ Hope this helps.
  3. Q4: In the video "Writing with Citavi 6 and Word" it says that you can untick " Include Knowledge items" when you are inserting categories and knowledge items, but when I try to untick, the program jumps out of that menu. Could you please advise on that? The way shown above works fine on my end. But if it doesn't work, here's another way to do it: Instead of using the Citavi Word Add-In, switch back to your project in Citavi 6. Right-click anywhere within the categories tree structure on the far left of the project window. Select "Expo
  4. Q3: Is it possible to rename a project? https://youtu.be/LsoOqlEp05Y
  5. Q2: Is it possible to "transfer files (i.e., references)" from one project into another project? https://youtu.be/qHEAW76CU2U
  6. Q1: Is it possible to "merge two projects" in Citavi? https://youtu.be/Qmyr0prjDb8
  7. I received the following 3 questions via Messages and have answered them in the form of videos. Thoughts I'd share the Q&As here:
  8. Here's a comprehensive video training playlist on YouTube regarding Citavi's Knowledge Organizer: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNckzyhPaEv-2cuf7dgWeBD7yFUlCGKxc Alternatively, just click on the URL linked to each skill # below: Section A Introducing Citavi's Knowledge Organizer Section B Skill #1 [Creating Categories] Skill #2 [Organizing References by Categories] Skill #3 [Annotating pdf documents] Skill #4 [Direct Quotations] Skill #5 [Indirect Quotation] Skill #6 [Image Quotation] Skill #7 [Quotation from web-pages] Section C Skill #1 [Compilation of quota
  9. For those of you who prefer to master the basics of using Citavi through combining a clear, concise step-by-step walkthrough with some hands-on experiential learning, the following Citavi self-study material may well be just what you need: Citavi Self-Study Material
  10. Additional resources and news available once you have signed up for the Citavi Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/citavi/news
  11. Totally understand that this topic requires that the researcher have a solid handle of not only NVivo, but also Citavi. Here's a document that highlights a few ways through which NVivo might help with speeding up the lit review process: https://services.anu.edu.au/files/Literature%20Reviews%20in%20NVivo_0.pdf Got inspired? Just post below and let us know!
  12. For those of you who find the Citavi 6 Exercises in the previous post not challenging enough for your purposes, here's another exercise sheet that you might want to try your hands on. https://mediatum.ub.tum.de/doc/1419423/1419423.pdf
  13. And here's a set of hands-on exercises (with answers) for your interest. A great way to troubleshoot where you might want more clarification or assistance IMHO. All the best! Citavi_6_Exercises.docx
  14. Hope this helps. (Note: The Feature Highlights and Citavi 6 Slideshows are two DIFFERENT resources that complement each other.) Citavi_6_Slideshows.pdf
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