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  1. Thanks. I've checked and there are no pending software updates. I've already submitted a request for support via email (#00612902-) I'm just waiting for a response. Thanks anyway LMG
  2. Hi, Every time I try to open a tree node I get the following error message. I'm then asked to send feedback on the error to QSR before Nvivo is shut down. I'm trying to open an "top" node (with aggregated sub nodes) and turn on coding highlights to see where there are gaps in coding within in, but I can't open the node without it crashing. I've already changed the project so that it only displays in plain text, but this hasn't helped. Can you help? Thanks LMG Error Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Stack Trace: at Q
  3. Thanks Heather, I'll give this a try and see if that works. Thanks LMG
  4. Hi I'd like to find out what percentage of a source has been coded. I have 5 main question nodes, and then sub theme nodes under each question. I have coded a source to sub theme nodes underneath the main question nodes, and want to know the overall percentage of the source that has been coded either across all the main questions or for to each main question. Can you help?
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