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  1. Hello, One useful feature of Nvivo is that it is possible to visualize all instances of a given node within a text by clicking on the corresponding stripe in the coding stripes panel. However, when we want to go back to seeing all highlights in the text, we need to (1) click 'Highlight' and (2) 'All coding'. This seems unnecessarily convoluted and it can be quite distracting. Would it be possible to add a function whereby all highlights are brought back in one single click, for example by clicking on the 'Coding Density' bar in the coding stripes pane? A shortcut would also work. Tha
  2. Hear hear!! This would be an extremely useful feature! As the application stands, it is extremely hard to know where one annotated unit begins and ends. The coding stripes help to some extent, but it would make our life so much easier to be able to see different categories marked with different colors within the text. I'm attaching a screenshot from a similar tool to show what I mean. Is this feature planned at all? Thanks and best
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