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  1. Bhupesh, That helps enormously, thank you so much. I was beginning to wonder if it was something like that but given my inexperience couldn't be sure. I'm very grateful for your response as I can stop spending time going around in circles!!! Best regards, Melanie
  2. I have imported a data file into NVivo 12 Plus from SPSS. The data file contains both demographic info and qualitative responses to questions for respondents organised by id number. I have two problems: 1. I have specified it as a case classification, but it doesn't ask me which questions are open-ended and which are closed-ended as per all the guidance I can find, and I'm not convinced it has formatted it correctly 2. I am unable to do any coding (a coding query is returning no results) because it doesn't seem to be recognising the qualitative data as text I'm only a novice at NVivo so I have no doubt I'm probably doing a number of things 'wrong' but I'd be grateful for some help. Here is a snip of my NVivo screen:
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