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  1. Good day! Right now, I am using NVivo 12 Plus to analyze some data, and I am having some problems running some Crosstabs / Matrix coding. A little bit of background: I conducted a survey online that included 8 open-ended questions. The data was downloaded as an excel file and uploaded in NVivo. I identified each one of the rows as a case (surveyed). The responses were all over the place, which means, sometimes they answered question #1 in question #3. I am interested in emotions, so I created a node for each one emotions participants mentioned. Also, I asked them the physical reactions they experienced while feeling these emotions. I finish coding the data, and I found impressive results, but I want to dig more into the analysis. Problem: I want to know how many people that mentioned experiencing fear or anxiety (in any of the eight open-ended questions), actually specified they left the place right away or started being aggressive (in any of the eight open-ended questions). I tried to run a matrix coding, using the emotions in the row and the behaviors in the columns area, and I chose the coding option "and." Unfortunately, I am getting over and over "the following message: The query is invalid." Question: How can I create this Matrix?, I would like to find out the "x" number of people that mentioned the word fear in any of their 8 answers, but also indicated they left the place in any of their 8 answers. What I found is that the Matrices check the number of intersections between nodes (paragraphs that were coded with two different nodes) , but what does not let me see is how many cases (people) have these two nodes. For example, for case 1 I coded fear in answer#3 and leaving behavior in answer #7. For case 2 I coded fear in answer #2 and leaving behavior in answer #4. For case 3, I coded fear in answer #4 and anger in answer #7. This means that: Emotion A:Leaving B:Anger Total Fear 2 1 3 Example of the desired table: Emotion A:Left B:Anger C: Complained Fear 5 12 3 Anxiousness 3 15 4 Example of the desired analysis: The great majority of people that mentioned experiencing fear, also mention they got angry because of that. Thank you very much for your help!, Best, MariaS
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