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  1. Hello Heather, I have tried this again and this time, the options box is available, so I followed your instructions. However, I still get an error 'the query returned no results'. Appreciate assistance. Nicole
  2. Thank you for this reply, the coding stripes do not help in this instance. I followed your instructions to run this query, but had an error returned 'The query returned no results'. See attached. I cannot understand what I am doing wrong, as I can see references coded to the nodes. Also, I don't have the 'options' button available; perhaps because I'm in Nvivo 12+? I also tried this using the 'query wizard' and had the same error message. Please help... Nic Matrix error.docx
  3. Hi - apologies in advance if I don't explain this well as I'm new to NVivo. I have looked for information on this question and cannot find it. I have 700 survey respondents, who I asked 2 questions: Q1. What do we do better? Q2. Why do we do that better? I have coded Q1 to 15 codes. I have coded Q2 to 5 codes. [resources, funding, people, expertise, experience] I now want to look at the results. How do I get the codes to appear side by side, identified by each survey respondent? As example, it should show: Respondent # - Q1 code - Q2 code I want to be able to say "50% respondents say we do X better. Of those respondents, 40% say it is because of resources; 30% say it is because of funding and 30% say it is because of our people. No-one thinks we do X better because of our expertise or experience." Any help appreciated... Nic