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  1. I have also had a similar issue. I added new transcripts and then recoded based on an updated framework. I created a new matrix where many of the cells were missing. When I used auto-summarise it picked up some of the new coding but duplicated everything else. I am worried its not picking up everything that I recoded... Based on your previous advice should I manually delete everything from my matrix and use auto-summarise as to go back and work out what has been recoded would take a lengthy amount of time? I also wanted to keep my original matrix and create another one for my summaries - I tested this in one cell and it looks like the old and new matrix are the same. Can I actually do that or am I better to export to excel and create a summary matrix there? I have also tried copying the project and renaming it and it looks like the new summary rather than the original has carried forward? Thanks, Claire
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