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    Crash when importing dataset or bibliography

    Thank you. Just for reference Nvivo 12 for Mac is also very unstable as projects get bigger.
  2. MaxNvivo

    Nvivo 12 for Mac crashing

    Also having big issues with Nvivo 12 for Mac crashing
  3. I installed Nvivo 12 on my iMac (running latest Catalina OS) without i installing Nvivo 10. Everything works fine except for an immediate crash when I press the dataset button or try to import bibliography data. I get an immediate crash before any dialogue window comes up. I read up the forums and discovered I maybe should have uninstalled Nvivo 10 first so have now deleted that. Is there an easy fix or should I uninstall Nvivo 12 and reinstall it again? If so do I have to track down all the install files in libraries and system folders? Has anyone else had this crash scenario? Any help much appreciated.