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  1. For anyone struggling with this too, this is what I've ended up doing. Show coding stripes for the nodes you want to compare and also select 'users'. If you've got a lot of coding, make the coding stripes pane bigger by dragging the border to the left. Coding stripes are shown in a more intense colour when both coders agree. Once you know this, you don't need to hover over each stripe to see whether who has coded it. Pale colours indicate that a node has been coded by just one of the coders. I've then coded the ones we disagree on as 'Discuss' which allows me to find them easily when we have the consensus discussions.
  2. Thanks -- this delivers a statistical coding comparison, but is there any way to quickly see the differences per data entry in a tabulated form?
  3. Hi I am coding tweets so have >700 data points each of which are coded at least two nodes (many have five or six). We are carrying out consensual coding so I need to go through each and work out which the three coders have coded the same for each tweet and which differ and need discussion. Is there a better way of extracting this information from NVivo other me than hovering over each node and seeing which users have coded it and then having to write that information down with, like, pen and paper!? Many thanks Giskin
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