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  1. Hello, My collaborator and I are using the current, unnumbered version of NVIVO. He is using the Mac version, I am using the PC version. I created a master project, then exported it to Mac for him to work with. After he had done some coding, we tried to merge the two files together. He passed me his project file, I converted it to PC and saved it to my computer. I then opened my project and attempted to import his project. On the import dialogue, I selected “all” and “merge into existing item”, I then imported his file. After the import was complete, all of the codes had been duplicated – the duplicates have a “(2)” next to them. It appears all of his coding is in the duplicate codes and all of mine is in the original codes. When I used NVIVO 12 previously I did not have this problem. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks. Mark
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