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  1. Hello, I've been using NVivo for Mac (Release 1) and Collaboration Cloud with a small team of research assistants. I am the Workspace Owner and my three RAs are assigned as Collaborators. Thus far, I've found Collaboration Cloud and its functions to be incredibly non-user friendly and very cryptic. My present issue is this: Is there a way for me to verify my collaborators additions/coding/modifications once I've merged their files to the master file? I assumed that this info would be available under the "Modified by" column when viewing file data, but the merged file seems to only re
  2. Hi folks, I just purchased a NVivo - Mac perpetual license, along with a Collaboration Cloud subscription. I'm a professor running several research projects, and I have several grad student research assistants helping me. I want to add some of my research assistants to my Collaboration Cloud, but they will have to purchase the NVivo Student - Mac license. Will this work? My RAs already have NVivo Mac 12, and I don't want to waste their money if the NVivo Student - Mac doesn't work with my Collaboration Cloud for some reason. (I realize that NVivo Mac 12 doesn't work with Collaboratio
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