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  1. I have a transcription of an audio file produced by the Nvivo paid service. I imported it through Nvivo (as opposed to through a browser). There are many instances where a speaker's statement is broken up across multiple line, so for example, eight consecutive rows that are all part of the same piece of conversation from 'Henry.' Is there a way to merge these rows together?
  2. I have read through the many prior threads about audio file import problems and the "quicktime" work around. However, this is not working. Here are some details. 1) Audio recorded on a Zoom H2n in .wav format; these files produce a "not a recognized format' error. 2) Used the 'Quicktime' workaround: Opened and saved file as .mov, and then exported audio only as m4a; these files also produced a "not a recognized format' error. 3) I have tried using various OSX software (Logic Pro, Garageband) to export the audio in mp3, wav, and m4a formats; these files also produced a "not a rec
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