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  1. Here it is, September 2020 and the same issue continues to occur. I have done everything suggested in the above threads. My Mac drag and drop still will not work as the above people noted. The drag and drop works with all my other applications. When will someone fix this? Will someone from QSR assist me? I am about to dump NVivo and suggest to my doctoral student cohorts to definitely NOT consider NVIVO. Help me. I am wasting time with this and can not move forward. Lisa
  2. Here it is, September 2020. same problem with drag and drop not working in Mac NVivo. I have the most recent version. I wait 5 seconds to move selected text to code, and it won't move. I've tried it all three ways which one can code. It will not work. My Mac drake and drop works on all other applications. I hate NVivo and am about to dump it completely. Will someone at QSR assist me? I can't seem to get help from them. thanks, Lisa
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