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  1. Hi I have spent lots of time looking at the various queries and reports, but cannot find simply how to get a report of the numbers of nodes created in a project. I need to report on the total number of nodes, and then a broken down report of the number of child nodes and the numbers of nodes under each child node. I am sure there must be a simple answer to this so hope you can help?!
  2. I have run a matrix intersection search in order to view specific coding frequencies for documents sorted under varying attributes. This has been really useful, but the problem is that the matrix intersection result has created hundreds of new nodes. I am working on a large scale multi user project, and we are already nearing the recommended node limit for any individual project (nodes were at 850, but with the matrix intersection node total is now at 1221!). I want to save the matrix intersection results table, or print it out, so that i can delete the search result and reduce the overal
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