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  1. Hi there, l am trying to import a 1gb Nvivo file from Nvivo for Mac (v12.6.0) to Nvivo 12 Pro on PC. The file contains approx 1000 pdfs that have been extensively coded in Nvivo. Initially, the conversion process seems to go well but then I get an error with a message saying to view the project conversion error log.txt in my Documents, which is attached. I have tried the conversion process twice with the same result. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Project Conversion Error Log.txt
  2. Hi there, I recently added some new records to my Nvivo file. It is a large file with approx 1000 pdfs/records that have already been extensively coded. I am using Nvivo 12 (12.6.0). I have tried running several searches for keywords using 'text query' on all 'files and externals' and I received some troubling results. First, when I rerun previous searches instead of getting the same number plus one or two more results (to reflect any new hits in the recently added records), I am getting significantly fewer (hundreds fewer) results. In other words, Nvivo is not picking up some o
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