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  1. Hi Camilla, Great that you have an assistant who can help with coding. Chloe will need her own license. Consider pricing options available to academics, students and not-for-profits as shown on the QSR website: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/how-to-buy-and-quote. It is best if you both work in the same operating system (i.e., both work in Windows or both work in Mac) and version (i.e., you both work in the new NVivo or both work in the older version (NVivo 12)). You can convert a project created in an older version of NVivo to a newer version NVi
  2. Hi Chira. There are lots of possibilities with longitudinal studies and the use of NVivo. Much depends on the nature of your data (e.g., interviews with the same people? multiple surveys?). Do you need to track the same people over time? Or simply communities or organizations, etc. I suggest getting specific about the nature of your data, then following Stacy's suggestions to find some similar examples in the literature. Here's an older study that I worked on - it may provide some ideas to get you started. Hope that helps! Meadows, L. M., et al. "The importance of communication in secon
  3. Writing user actions to a project event log is available only in the Windows version.
  4. Hi all, In NVivo there are often multiple ways to get things done. In addition to Stuart's idea, I thought of another one on my run this morning. (Nothing like a run to spark ideas). You could try creating Dynamic Sets (if using new NVivo; these are called Search Folders in NVivo 12 and previous versions). One advantage of Dynamic Sets is that they refresh automatically each time you run/open them, even if you have done more work or coding or added new Files. I used the Sample Project, which you can also use to try this. I use the example of finding the Files coded to Balance that ar
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