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  1. Hi Team, When we are comparing two word clouds, would it be possible to separate them by common words cloud and uncommon word cloud? For example: Word cloud A vs Word cloud B -> Word cloud A1 VS Word cloud B1 (common) -> Word cloud A2 VS Word cloud B2 (different) Thanks
  2. Hi Canarik, Thank you for your response. I selected Explore - Coding - from the selected items I chose the node but I can't seem to find where I can select the attribute! Kind Regards
  3. Hi Team, Can I check if we can produce two different word clouds for each node with different attributes? For example, we have a node (Europe) includes data from two different attributes (UK, France) and I want to produce word clouds for the UK and France separately from the node. I can't find it in the latest version, please let me know if this is possible. Thanks. Kind Regards
  4. I figured this. Apparently. I just had to save which acts as refresh of results. Please disregard this.
  5. Hi Team, If we generate the results for crosstab/matrix etc. and save them in query results, but if we make changes to the coding (delete some file that we don't need anymore) at a later stage, the existing results are not updating. And, I don't see any option to 'update the results'. Is there any way of doing this? Thanks
  6. Hi Team, Is it possible to combine two different references in one? For example, if there is a content which has spread into two pages and includes page numbers when coding, if I remove page numbers it breaks into two references but is there a possibility to combine them back also keeping unnecessary text in-between aside. Thanks, Abhilash
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