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  1. Welcome to the suggestions forum for NVivo for Mac. This is the place where you can suggest new features or enhancements and the development team will consider them for future releases. Just outline your idea and let us know how it relates to your research goals. If you’re familiar with NVivo for Windows, you’ll notice that NVivo for Mac doesn’t contain all the same features right now—but more features will be added over time. To compare the functionality of the two products refer to the feature comparison table on the QSR website. If you’re experiencing technical issues with
  2. Welcome to the suggestions forum. This is the place where you can suggest new features or enhancements and we promise to listen! All your ideas are reviewed by the development team and are considered for future releases. If you’re experiencing technical issues with our software – it’s best to send an email to support@qsrinternational.com
  3. Welcome to the questions and answers forum for NVivo 9 and NVivo 10 (previous versions of NVivo). Feel free to ask a question or start a discussion about these older versions of the product. We also encourage you to share your knowledge by helping other users – commit a random act of kindness today! Consider upgrading to NVivo 11 for Windows to take advantage of the latest features. If you’re experiencing technical issues with our software, you can contact Customer Support.
  4. Dear Forum Members, Why Fill Out A Forum User Profile? For those who don't require any anonymity, we strongly encourage you to complete your Member profile details. If you provide information about where you are and what area you are working in, all members will get greater benefit out of the Forum. This will allow members (and QSR) to advise you appropriately on availability of training or local groups, and help others with similar interests to find you and network. Please note, if you don't have any information in your Member profile, we may be unable to determine if you hav
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